At Flexeserve®, part of The Alan Nuttall Partnership we specialise in the design, development and manufacture of innovative and pioneering heated display units for supermarkets, food-to-go retailers, quick-serve operators, coffee shops and the leisure sector. 
More than 25 years’ experience in heated displays has enabled us to develop the industry-leading Flexeserve Zone®. 
Our patented and award-winning range of heated displays uses a unique hot air system that delivers true hot-holding, unlike any other unit.  There is no contact heat generated by the technology and the entire volume of each shelf has a consistent temperature that can be set individually.  This enables operators to hot-hold a far wider variety of products and serves them at their optimum temperature.  The patented system also gives best in class performance and energy efficiency.  Individual zones can be switched on or off and even set to different temperatures to reduce power consumption.
The science of true hot-holding means reduced wastage, extended shelf life and superior food quality; making Flexeserve Zone® the World’s No.1 heated display.
Our specialist team are the experts in hot food-to-go and their knowledge and understanding of the industry is unrivalled.  We offer a full solution to our customers which encompasses menu development, optimum cook method advice, packaging support and operational support.  WE DO | WE KNOW | WE ARE >>> HOT.
Flexeserve Zone® can be customised to match your brand, colour schemes and finishes to ensure hot food has full impact in-store.  We also have a full range of accessories to maximise merchandising impact, improve operational efficiencies and increase product availability.


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