With a long history stretching back 140 years, Polarbröd is a family run business that has been baking traditional Nordic bread in Sweden using natural ingredients for five generations. It supplies a range of different flatbreads and thin breads to the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors in the UK.

Polarbröd’s flatbreads and thin breads have a unique soft character, with no hard crust and no messy crumbs. Their soft, moist texture provides a lighter eating quality and offers maximum pliability and flexibility, which means they don’t crack or split on handling or when being filled….helping caterers with speed of service and improved final presentation.

Vegan-friendly, Polarbröd’s bread for food service and food manufacturing in the UK is frozen directly after baking in accordance with Northern Swedish traditions and, thanks to this traditional method, it keeps the freshness without the use of preservatives. It’s almost like freezing time – meaning that the bread is as fresh when it is thawed as it is when it is first baked.

Polarbröd is very dedicated to sustainability work, with a goal to be fully sustainable in 2022.

The company’s breads are available exclusively to foodservice in the UK via distributor Central Foods.


c/o Central Foods Ltd
Maple Court
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Telephone: 01604 858522

Website: http://www.centralfoods.co.uk/ProductResult/tabid/219/brand/Polarbrod/Default.aspx