Royal Greenland brings wild-caught, high-quality seafood from the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean to consumers around the globe. 

Royal Greenland has its own fleet of large ocean-going trawlers fish in the rich fishing grounds between Greenland and Eastern Canada, east of Greenland and as far to the North East as the Barents Sea. Ashore in Western Greenland, and Canada, independent fishermen land their catches to one of Royal Greenland's land-based facilities and factories spread along the coastlines. This local proximity allows Royal Greenland to access a variety of delicious, fresh seafood and sustains thousands of workplaces in the local communities.

Based on Royal Greenland's North Atlantic and Arctic origin and identity, the company takes pride in bringing unique, safe and healthy seafood products to consumers around the world who value high-quality seafood.

Address: Styal Road, Gateway House, North Wing 2nd floor, Wythenshawe, M22 5WY Manchester

Telephone: +299 361 300