The Midlands Regional Heat took taking place at TMI Foods Ltd in Northampton on Thursday 5th March and we are delighted to confirm this year's semi-finalists:

Applewood Vegan "Free From"

  • Sophie Whyman, Adelie Foods - Bruce's Miso Toastie
  • Doreen Allen, Jamrock Catering - Ital Cheese
  • Matthew Cox, Creative Foods - Beet the Fondue

H. Smith Food Group Shredded Chicken

  • Matthew Cox, Creative Foods - Chicken Truffalo
  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - What the Cluck?
  • Darren Fenner, The Pumphouse Cafe - The Tandoori Shredded Chicken Flatbread
  • Jacqui Dales, Dales Bakery - Boston Bake

Grupo Bimbo Uk Ltd's Piada, an authentic Italian flatbread

  • Barny Luxmoore, Jabberwocky Catering - Korean Wrapsody
  • Sophie Whyman, Adelie Foods - Vegan Aubergine Parmigiano Piada
  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - Brisket Bolognaise Quesadilla
  • Darren Fenner, The Pumphouse Cafe - Bhaji Flatbread
  • Elizabeth Goodman, Greencore - Carbonara Flatbread

Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled Cold Water Prawns

  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - Prawn to be Wild
  • Barny Luxmoore, Jabberwocky Catering - Prawn Club
  • Darren Fenner, The Pumphouse Cafe - The Curried Prawn
  • Matthew Devlin, Greencore - Surf & Turf To Go

Sam Browne Foods Shredded Duck

  • Sarah Bailey, Adelie Foods - What the Duck
  • Doreen Allen, Jamrock Catering - Burrito Infusion
  • Elizabeth Goodman, Greencore - Honey Chilli Duck
  • Darren Fenner, The Pumphouse Cafe - The Quacking Panini
  • Matthew Devlin, Greencore - Ducked up Toastie

Shaws Smoky Bean Salsa

  • Sarah Bailey, Adelie Foods - High Protein Big Bug Burger
  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - Lets Taco about this Wrap
  • Elizabeth Goodman, Greencore - Mexican BBT (Bean, Bacon, Tomato) Club
  • Darren Fenner, The Pumphouse Cafe - The Crispy Pancetta

Daregal Gourmet Ltd : Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto

  • Mike Cope, Adelie Foods - Buddha's Lunch Bowl
  • Rosie Radley, Greencore - Pomegranate Cous Cous and Curry Leaf Pesto
  • Doreen Allen, Jamrock Catering - Jerk 'n' Duck
  • Elizabeth Goodman, Greencore - Dehesa Delight