The North East Regional Heat took place at Greggs PLC in Newcastle upon Tyne on Tuesday 3rd March and we are delighted to confirm this year's semi-finalists:

Applewood Vegan "Free From"

  • Emily Pascoe, Greggs - Asian Smokey Toastie
  • Ben Laws, Java - Vegan Applewood and Wild Mushroom Club
  • Denise Keith, Lettuce Eat Healthy - A Smokin Cauliflower Pot with Roasted Kalettes
  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - Applewoodology
  • Dave Graham, Around Noon - FLAT OUT Rootin' for the Cheez

H. Smith Food Group Shredded Chicken

  • Laura Jewell, Java - Chicken in a Dill, Tarragon, Salsa Spinach Wrap
  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - Krazy KFC?
  • James Stoddart, On a Roll Sandwich Company - BBQ Croque Chick
  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - Thai-Tanic Chicken Sub
  • Ben Laws, Java - Chicken Skate Bao Buns

Grupo Bimbo Uk Ltd's Piada, an authentic Italian flatbread

  • Ben Laws, Java - Whitby Mackerel Wrap
  • Emma Taylor, Greencore - The Rib Tickler
  • Dawn Roe, Saints & Sinners - Smoky Chipotle Pork Flatbread
  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - 'Wrap (um)' Gangnam Style
  • Ben Laws, Java - Posh Lamb Kebab

Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled Cold Water Prawns

  • James Stoddart, On a Roll Sandwich Company - It's a New Prawn, it's a New Day
  • Ben Laws, Java - Prawn Thermidor Crusty Baguette
  • Dave Graham, Around Noon - Snap Bang Prawn
  • Ryan Pyrie, Lettuce Eat Healthy - Prawn Tastic
  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - A Right Royal Affair...Savoury Eclair

Sam Browne Foods Shredded Duck

  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - Duck-Kah Cous Cous Tabouleh Salad
  • Laura Jewell, Java - Roll with it
  • Ryan Pyrie, Lettuce Eat Healthy - I'm Quackers (Duck Sausage Roll)
  • Aisling Lavery, Greencore - Quack Wrap
  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - The Big Bing Theory - Jainbing

Shaws Smoky Bean Salsa

  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - "Getting Your Oats" Vegan Burrito
  • Aisling Lavery, Greencore - Honey Pork and Smoky Bean Tostados
  • Emily Pascoe, Greggs - Beer Roasted Cauliflower and Smoky Bean
  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - MEXICONE
  • Ben Laws, Java - Smoky Bacon Pancakes

Daregal Gourmet Ltd : Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto

  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - Curry Leaf Pesto "Bhaj"azzled Quesadilla
  • Emma Taylor, Greencore - Wingin It
  • Lacey Stubbs, Java - Pesto Parmo Ball Baguette
  • Laura Jewell, Java - Sri Lankan Pesto Roasted Veg Crumble Goats Cheese Pitta
  • Emily Pascoe, Greggs - Sweet (potato) Like Pesto
  • Katherine McCloy, Greencore - Sri Lankan Health Pot