The North East Regional Heat took place at Greggs Food Zone in Newcastle upon Tyne on Tuesday 3rd March. The North East finalists did not disappoint with some delicious and innovative entries, from fully indulgent stuffed buns to some healthy and nutitious salds. We are delighted to confirm this year's north east finalists:

Applewood Vegan "Free From"

  • Dave Graham, Around Noon - FLAT OUT Rootin' for the Cheez

H. Smith Food Group Shredded Chicken

  • James Stoddart, On a Roll Sandwich Company - BBQ Croque Chick

Grupo Bimbo Uk Ltd's Piada, an authentic Italian flatbread

  • Emma Taylor, Greencore - The Rib Tickler

Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled Cold Water Prawns

  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - A Right Royal Affair...Savoury Eclair

Sam Browne Foods Shredded Duck

  • Dean Skinner, Deli-Lites - Duck-Kah Cous Cous Tabouleh Salad

Shaws Smoky Bean Salsa

  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - MEXICONE

Daregal Gourmet Ltd : Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto

  • Katherine McCloy, Greencore - Sri Lankan Health Pot