The Midlands Regional Heat took place at TMI Foods Ltd in Northampton on Thursday 5th March. The judges were completely wowed by the recipes created and the range of international influence from  Korean Wraps to Mexican Burritos. We are delighted to confirm this year's Midland finalists:

Applewood Vegan "Free From"

  • Sophie Whyman, Adelie Foods - Bruce's Miso Toastie

H. Smith Food Group Shredded Chicken

  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - What the Cluck?

Grupo Bimbo Uk Ltd's Piada, an authentic Italian flatbread

  • Barny Luxmoore, Jabberwocky Catering - Korean Wrapsody

Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled Cold Water Prawns

  • Megan Fallows, Greencore - Prawn to be Wild

Sam Browne Foods Shredded Duck

  • Matthew Devlin, Greencore - Ducked Up Toastie

Shaws Smoky Bean Salsa

  • Sarah Bailey, Adelie Foods - High Protein Big Bug Burger

Daregal Gourmet Ltd : Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto

  • Rosie Radley, Greencore - Pomegranate Cous Cous and Curry Leaf Pesto