New for 2019 "Healthy Eating" Sandwich Designer of the Year - In recognition of the increase in demand for "healthy eating" we are launching a healthy eating sandwich category, sponsored by Royal Greenland.

Royal Greenland catches, packages and distributes a variety of delicious, fresh seafood to customers around the world. Royal Greenland MSC Cooked and Peeled Cold-water prawns are a delicacy, with their pink colour and firm, juicy texture. From their origin in the ice-cold and clear waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, the delicious prawns are high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy and nutritious choice.

Recognising the increase in demand for “healthy eating” this new sandwich category encourages creativity in producing a tasty and healthy sandwich for the sandwich and food to go markets. To enter, contestants are asked to create a healthy eating prawn sandwich telling us why they think it is healthy in today’s market, calling out & substantiating what claims they could make and marketing the consumer benefits of the sandwich with 100 words or less.

All chefs have now registered entry and will be receiving their products early in the new year.