Chefs were asked to create a vegan friendly sandwich or food-to-go pot free from dairy, meat or other animal produce - and using Applewood Vegan as an ingredient within their recipe.


  • Dave Graham, Around Noon - Flat Out Rootin’ for the Cheez

Highly Commended

  • Sophie Whyman, Adelie Foods – Bruce’s Miso Toastie


  • Laura Slaughter, Greencore – 2020: The Year of the Sandwich
  • James Simcox, Greencore – Vegan Hunters Chick’n Toastie
  • Chloe Somerville, Real Wrap Co. – Vegan Smoky BBQ Slider (made with Oumph!)

Applewood Vegan has been developed in response to the growing vegan market. Emulating the creamy Applewood flavour this creamy smoke-flavoured cheese alternative with a smooth texture is perfect for vegan menus. It is made from a coconut base, blended with the unique Applewood smoky flavouring, which remains even when melted.

Applewood Cheese was first created in 1965 in Ilchester, deep in the heart of Somerset using the best quality local ingredients.