Chefs were asked to create a sandwich or food to go pot using Royal Greenland XL Cold Water Prawns as an ingredient within their recipe.


  • Kim Hartley, Mission Foods - A Right Royal Affair... Savoury Éclair


  • Megan Fallows (Greencore) – Prawn to be Wild
  • Natalie Burke (Greencore) – Poppin’ Prawn Sub
  • Simon Whitby (English Provender) – Don’t Milk It – The Prawn Tonkatsu One
  • Gabriel Paruma (Simply Lunch) – Zesty Delight

This year Royal Greenland have submitted their XL Cold Water Prawns as their tasty ingredient for this year's sandwich or food to go pot. Royal Greenland's juicy and succulent XL Cold Water Prawns make a delicious low fat ingredient whether as a tasty sandwich, salad or food pot.

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