Chefs were asked to create a sandwich or food-to-go pot using Daregal Gourmet Ltd Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto as an ingredient within their recipe.


  • Katherine McCloy, Greencore - Sri Lankan Healthpot


  • Rosie Radley, Greencore – Pomegranate Cous Cous and Curry Leaf Pesto
  • Kalyani Gavankar, Rail Gourmet UK – Hopper on Board
  • Simon Whitby, English Provender  – Jack of all Pesto Wraps
  • Chloe Somerville, Real Wrap Co. – Asian Reuben

Darégal’s Sri-Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Pesto is a delicious twist on a classic pesto created with authentic Sri Lankan Curry Leaf & Hen Miris Chilli and can be used as an aromatic addition to sandwiches, salads and sauces.

Developed in response to the growing demand for authentic regional ingredients this pesto delivers a mellow background heat with earthy and fragrant flavours.

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