Innovation is a critical part of developing any food chain. This award aims to encourage the work being done by suppliers and manufacturers to develop new products for the sandwich and food to go market.

The award will be divided into two categories: 

The shortlist for the Ingredient award is: 

  • Grupo Bimbo – Piada Italian Flatbread
  • TMI - Coffee Bacon Caffè Nero
  • Norseland – Applewood Vegan
  • Gold & Green UK – Pulled Oats
  • Leathams – IQF Green Chickpeas
  • Ornua – PlantNation
  • The Corporate Chef – Sag Aloo Roll
  • Badgers Kitchen – Tunah Mayonnaise

The shortlist for the Product award is:

  • RAP -  MA BagRap
  • Millitec - igene-Hygiene Mobile Sandwich Production Robot
  • Colpac - Pret a Manger Platters
  • Coveris – Recyclalite
  • Grote - High-Care Robotic
  • Toasty Products - Toastyfresh Self Service Panini Toaster