Foodservice Solutions,
Orchard House,
Dodwells Road
LE10 3BZ

Sales Contact: Billy Eatenton

Phone: 01455 638300

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About The Alan Nuttall Partnership - Foodservice Solutions

At Foodservice Solutions, a division of The Alan Nuttall Partnership, we specialise in the design and manufacture of industry leading hot-hold solutions for retail, food-to-go, quick-serve, leisure and coffee shops.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we understand hot food-to-go better than anyone else and have developed the patented and award winning heated display unit; Flexeserve Zone®.

Our market leading Flexeserve Zone® range is flexible and energy efficient as well as delivering true hot-holding using our unique patented hot air technology. Flexeserve Zone® enables you to hot-hold a wider variety of products at their intended quality, for longer. You can select a different temperature setting per zone, turn zones off in quieter trading times to save energy and fully utilise its greater merchandising capacity with our range of accessories.

Our specialist team offer solutions on everything from developing menus and operational processes to choosing the right packaging for your needs. Flexeserve Zone® can be customised with your brand, colour scheme and finishes including signage and point of sale utilising our in-house facilities and specialist solutions.