Kate Riley of Bait Sandwiches was given top prize with her "Falafel Fattoush"

Category sponsor Pan’artisan wanted competitors to create a sandwich using their Focaccia Romana

Pan’artisan’s Focaccia Romana is a 250g flatbread focaccia – great for open sandwiches or folded over as hot-eat, panini-style offer. An authentic, artisanal bread, inspired by the breads of Italy. Created from simple dough, with a 92% liquid to flour ratio, it has an extremely light, open structure that is easily digested and stays fresher longer. 

During production it undergoes many stages of hand-crafting as it is too difficult to be handled by machine, resulting in a product which captures all of the features of classic, Italian bread.

You can make Kate's sandwich winnng recipe yourself over at lovesarnies.com where you'll find all of the sandwich receipes from this year's finalists.