New for 2019 British Food to Go Designer of the Year - In recognition of the growing importance of food to go products we are launching a new FTG Designer of the Year category, kindly sponsored by Applewood where contestants are required to make a vegan hot or cold lunch pot. 

Applewood Free From has been developed in response to the growing vegan market. Emulating the creamy Applewood flavour, this creamy smoke-flavoured cheese alternative with a smooth texture is perfect for vegan menus. It is made from a coconut base, blended with the unique Applewood smoky flavouring, which remains even when melted.

To enter, contestants are asked to create a vegan hot or cold lunch pot with the key ingredient being Applewood®’s Vegan & Free From Cheese Alternative. Contestants can combine it with other complementary ingredients to create an innovative but commercially viable FTG meal option. 

To register your interest to enter the competition please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..