Awarded in recognition of the work being done by retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, or other sandwich businesses to market and promote sandwiches. The winner is...


The Judges said: Objective: Clearly stated: Aid their consumer to achieve warmth and comfort from food. Proposition to celebrate new products that reflect attitudes and fun characteristics while focusing on growing trends. (Taste, newness, innovation, and quality). Established strong sales (+10% over campaign period). Communicate/achieve cut through with key campaign messages. Media creative was distinct and well targeted to young, free, social males age 16-34 ABC1C2. Created disruptive/engaging media and influencer event. Achieved objective by: Held an exclusive media event. Implemented an integrated campaign across channels (outdoor media, POS, targeted digital and PR activity). Took Mexican wrestler to Clapham Common to create additional PR spin. Heat to eat sandwiches sales Inc. 19% and sold £1.5 million burrito. 100% coverage delivered message. Social media conversation reached over 225K with an engagement rate of 20%. Achieved with a budget of under £50k. Like this because:

  • 1) It is targeted, personalised and makes imaginative use of social media to make a small budget go a long way
  • 2) Driving 60% category growth, 1.5m burritos and 19% y.o.y growth is a pretty compelling argument!