Specially updated for 2017, in recognition of the large variety within the independent sector, the Independent Sandwich Retailer Award is for businesses with nine outlets or fewer. 

The Overall Winner

Mimosa - 16 Half Moon Lane, London

The mystery shop judges visited mimosa and, aside from scoring top marks in almost every aspect of the report, the judges’ comments included: “Very friendly, great décor and menu. Food was of a very high standard. With very attractive and appetising displays of food and excellent service standards, Mimosa is a very worthy winner.”  

The award was sub-divided into four categories:

  • Independent Bakery Sandwich Retailer
  • Independent Café Sandwich Retailer
  • Best New Independent
  • Independent Sandwich Shop

A Gold Award was awarded to the winner of each of the four categories. They were: 

Independent Bakery Sandwich Retailer

  • Real Patisserie; 34 St George's Road, Kemp Town, Brighton.

Independent Café Sandwich Retailer

  • Mimosa; 16 Half Moon Lane, London
  • Highly Commended: Caffeine Drip; Melville Place, Edinburgh

Best New Independent

  • Apres Food Company; St Johns Street, London

Independent Sandwich Shop

  • Dene’s Deli; 244 Jesmond Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 
  • Highly Commended: Magic Wrap; Cardiff Students' Union, Senghenydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff