This award is open to convenience retailers where sandwiches are one of many different food categories on sale. The award will be presented to the convenience retailer considered to have done the most to develop its sandwich business, taking into account marketing, innovation, packaging, product quality, sales growth and market share.

Championing those in the chain sector (10 or more outlets) whose core business is the sale of sandwiches whether made to order; pre-packed on site; bought in pre-packed from a central commissary or where sandwiches are sold alongside coffee and bakery products and who are driving the business forward and achieving the most impressive development in the qualifying period. Those entering this award must have a Food Hygiene Rating of at least 4.

The award is designed to recognise the work undertaken by technologists to advance systems and working practices across the sandwich industry, including improving environmental standards/practices. Open to all suppliers, retailers and manufacturers and may be entered by an individual or a team.