The Sammies have a fantastic habit of coming around ever so quickly so don't delay in entering your new product, service or business for the number one awards in our industry.

Like all great awards porgrammes, the Sammies covers every aspect of the Sandwich and Food to Go industry with awards for companies large and small. We have recognition for everything from Technical Excellence to Marketing and Retail. Check out which award is best for you to enter by reviewing our categories here. 

If you're eager to check out the competition, you can find out who won each award in past years by looking at our previous award winners here. When looking back, though, do be aware that they were the awards in yesteryear, not necessarily this year. We do review our awards regularly to ensure they continue to reflect this ever changing, dynamic marketplace. As with everything in life, the past is not always an accurate indicator of the future. 

Still not sure what award you should enter? Then do more than one! Let the judges decide. Be sure to check out the criterion carefully and get your submission at its best to give the very best impression, with a clear and concise response to each question. It's your opportunity to tell the judges all about your product, service or business - take it!