We all know that winning an award feels great but what could you do with a trophy?

In previous years winners have created window decals, added it to website pitcures and logos, and changed their packaging and advertising materials to carry their success. 

"For customers to see the logo on the pack - it's a positive endorsment of the sandwiches in our range." "We deiceded to put the logo on the side of our sandwich packaging last year to really shout about the quality of our sandiwches."  - Rachel Marshall and Emily Hammond, Co-operative group

"It really gives us something different from our competitors" - Isla Owen, Urban Eat

"It's such an enormous industry, employing so many people, it's absolutely great to be a part of it and to be recognised as one of the best ones in that industry - couldn't be better." Paul Old, Bradgate Bakery

As The Randall himself said, "If you win - it's endless."

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